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Covid-19 Disinfecting

Re-open and operate with confidence, protect the health of your employees and customers by regularly disinfecting your facility with out medical grade disinfectant solution, 

that is delivered by fogging machines in a form of mist, that will ensure that all viruses, germs are killed on every surface angle (360). Our product is environmentally friendly and safe to use on surfaces, does not require any wiping so there's no need to move furniture around. 

Cleaning Vs Disinfecting

Cleaning is the removal of visible debris, dirt and dust in a surface area. Disinfection is eliminating (germs, bacterial, viruses, pathogens, fungi) found on surfaces, these are commonly spread from frequently touched surfaces.

We eliminate this by using our powerful disinfecting foggers that delivers a medical grade solution in a form of mist (fogg) that covers all surface angles, no wiping required. 

Receive a

"Facility Has Been disinfected"


We provide you with a certificate of "Facility Has Been Disinfected" so you can show your staff and customers that your facility has been professionally disinfected by us.

Our Service 


Kills 99.99% of Germs, Bacteria, & Viruses with No Chemical Poisons.


Cutting Edge Spray fogging Technology With A Medical Grade Disinfectant Solution.

Non Corrosive, Non Toxic, Safe for Humans, Pets and the Environment.

Reduce Infection Rates By Creating a Healthy Environment.

Disinfects germs, viruses, Dander, Pollens, Allergens, Mildew, Mold and Spores.

We Only use EPA Registered Products, NSF Certified Safe for Food Surfaces.

Re-Open & Operate With Confidence

Don't hesitate, we all have to get back to work at some point which is why before opening, you should have a disinfected facility and operate with a peace of mind knowing that your facility is regularly disinfected.

Attract more customer by having a disinfected facility

Attract more customers by letting them know you that they can come back safely knowing that the facility has been professionally disinfected. Show them the "facility has been disinfected certificate" we provide.

Allow employees to work with a peace of mind 

Allow your employees to come back with confidence and safely work by letting them know that the facility is regularly disinfected with a medical grade disinfectant that covers all angle surfaces. 

Prevent an outbreak & shutdown in your company

Prevent an outbreak and shutdown from happen in your company. Operate with confidence and avoid the risk of a lockdown that can pause operations unexpectedly. This is a from of a safety step to prevent this. 

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